*Manzanar, Part Two:  The Japanese-American Journey into Wilderness

Manzanar, one of ten internment camps or war relocation centers set up in the United States to contain the Japanese-Americans, the majority of them citizens of the US, was no Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, or Treblinka.  Manzanar had neither gas chambers nor … Continue reading

*Manzanar, Part One:  History, Heritage, Humbug, and the Internment of Japanese-Americans

Shortly after the conclusion of World War II, Eugene Rostow, a professor of jurisprudence at Yale, and subsequently a prominent civil libertarian, penned an article for Harper’s Magazine (September 1945) entitled “Our Worst Wartime Mistake.”  In the immediate aftermath of … Continue reading

*Two Presidents, Two Executive Orders, But One History

  February 19, 2017 Annals of the President Trump Regime VIII   President Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously characterized December 7, 1941, when Japanese planes swooped down on the American naval base of Pearl Harbor in a ‘surprise attack’ and devastated … Continue reading