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Here are some titles — the most recent one is

A Passionate Life:  Writings by and on Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay, co-edited with Roby Rajan (Delhi:  Zubaan Books, 2017; distributed in the US by University of Chicago Press)


In the US, at:

India and the Unthinkable:  Backwaters Collective on Metaphysics and Politics, co-edited with Roby Rajan (Delhi:  Oxford University Press, 2016):

In India:

In the US:

The Oxford Anthology of the Modern Indian City:  Making and Unmaking the City — Politics, Culture and Life Forms (Delhi:  Oxford University Press, 2013)

and companion volume

The Oxford Anthology of the Modern Indian City:   The City In Its Plenitude

Both on Flipkart, in India, at:

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DeewaarThe Footpath, the City, and the Angry Young Man (Delhi:  HarperCollins, 2011).

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Political Hinduism was released in late September 2009 by Oxford UP, Delhi:

In the US:

On Flipkart:

The Other Indians:  A Political and Cultural History of South Asians in America
(Delhi:  HarperCollins, 2008; and UCLA, Asian American Studies Center Press, 2008).
In India:

The History of History:  Politics and Scholarship in Modern India (Delhi:  Oxford UP, 2003; rev. paperback ed., 2005).
In India:

Of Cricket, Guinness and Gandhi:  Essays on Indian History and Culture (Calcutta:  Seagull Books, 2003; paperback ed., Penguin, 2005):
In India, at: (hardcover) and at
(paperback) and at

Introducing Hinduism, with Boris van Loon (London:  Icon Books, 2005).
This book was reissued on 1 February 2010 as “Introducing Hinduism:  A Graphic Guide” (Icon Books):
Introducing Hinduism is still available:
Also available in Spanish translation at Amazon, and in Korean and Finnish

Empire of Knowledge:  Culture and Plurality in the Global Economy (London:  Pluto Press, 2002)
Enlarged and revised Indian edition available from Sage India Publishers:
Also available in Urdu translation as Ilm ki SultanatMaghrib ki Bay Reham Ijaradari (Karachi:  Mashal Books, 2009):

The Future of Knowledge and Culture:  A Dictionary for the 21st Century, co-edited with Ashis Nandy (Delhi:  Viking Penguin, 2006, hardcover).
In India, at:

Fingerprinting Popular Culture:  The Mythic and the Iconic in Indian Cinema, co-edited with Ashis Nandy (Delhi:  Oxford University Press, 2006).
In India, from Oxford:
In US:

The Oxford Anthology of the Modern Indian City:  The City in its Plenitude (edited, Delhi:  Oxford University Press, 2013).

In India:

In US:

Companion volume:  The Oxford Anthology of the Modern Indian City; Making and Unmaking the City–Politics, Culture, and Life Forms (edited, Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013).

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PAMPHLET SERIES, founded and edited by Vinay Lal — Dissenting Knowledges Pamphlet Series

There are 15 titles in the series so far; the series is not available commerically, except in Malaysia (from where it is published) and India.  However,

according to the publishers, Citizens International (Penang), an order can be placed in the following manner:  Order by email to  “You can pay us through cheque (payable to Consumers Association of Penang) or by credit card (16 digits needed and expiry date details needed).
Each pamphlet is priced at USD 3, except for no. 11, by Claude Alvares, which is priced at USD4. The prices include airmail postage and handling.”

The titles published in the series are as follows:

No. 1 Gustavo Esteva Celebration of Zapatismo
No. 2 Frédérique Apffel-Marglin & Margaret Bruchac
Exorcising Anthropology’s Demons
No. 3 Ashis Nandy The Twentieth Century: The
Ambivalent Homecoming of Homo Psychologicus
No. 4 Vinay Lal Empire and the Dream-Work of America
No. 5 Roby Rajan The Tyranny of Economics: Global
Governance and the Dismal Science
No. 6 Nancy Scheper-Hughes The Last Commodity: Post-Human
Ethics, Global (In)justice and the Traffic in Organs
No. 7 C. Douglas Lummis Terror and the Terrorist
No. 8 C. K. Raju Is Science Western in Origin?
No. 9 James Carse Ignorance and the Durability of Religion
No. 10 D. P. Agrawal Traditional Knowledge Systems:
Culture, Ecology and Ways of Knowing
No.11 Claude Alvares A Farewell to the Eurocentric Imagination

There is also a new pamphlet series, entitled “Asian Thinkers”, founded and edited by Vinay Lal.

One title has been released so far:  M. K. Gandhi, “Colonialism and the Call to Freedom”, edited

and introduced by Vinay Lal.  This is priced at $3; to order, follow the instructions above.