2 thoughts on “Lata’s Gone But . . . Aayega Aanewala

  1. I think that looking at gender when considering a nation is a really interesting way to look at the impact people have on their countries. The line that says “The nation has in most cultures been conceived as feminine” was something I had never thought of but when I saw it written I understood and realized I agreed. I think this was a fantastic angle to look at the life of a person who held so much adoration from the people of India and had so much influence. Could it be that the prominence of Lata Mangeshkar in the culture and her influence plays a role in this perception the rest of the world has of India?


  2. This essay was beautifully written; Professor Lal wrote with such admiration and passion that I could feel in through the screen of my computer. Describing Lata Mangeshkar’s relationship with India such that he was synonymously known was the “Mother of the Nation” and her influence over not only the entertainment industry but Indian culture was captured perfectly in this statement, “Lata’s hold over the national imaginary had to do in some measure with both the Hindi film’s own construction of the virginal purity of (Hindu) women and of the nation itself.” India valued her talent as a she was a very accomplished and dedicated artist. I found really interesting to learn about Mangeshkar symbolized the ideal Hindu woman of the era and was a role model of femininity. Her influence was felt throughout the nation because Lata Mangeshkar did not limit herself to only one region but instead learned so many languages that people of all areas were able to listen, adore, and appreciate her without language barriers. I also enjoyed the way Professor Lal explained how Mangeshkar’s music was an embodiment of Indian culture, norms, ideas, etc. Although many may argue the extent of her popularity, everyone can agree that she was an icon.


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